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Starting with an initial palate of almost 30 botanicals, this was carefully narrowed down to just five, each individually chosen to create a harmonious balance.

Common Juniper (Berry)

The principle ingredient of a gin – Ripe female blue/black cone resembling a berry

Garden Angelica (Root)

Strong and pungent with chocolate, bitter, herbal, earthy, fresh rain, nettle notes

Orris (Root)

Floral, sweet smell that is most often compared to (Parma) violets, adding depth and texture

Coriander (Leaf)

Full of citrus and curry, light and sweet

Lemon (Peel)

Tangy citrus, zesty, fresh, bright and crisp

Orange (Peel)

Sumptuously sweet and refreshingly zesty burst of flavour

ABV: 43% | VOL: 70cl | STYLE: Classic London Dry

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Big, bold juniper and pine notes balanced with coriander and clean citrus.

The Palate

Classic gin that becomes more complex on the palate. Starts with citrus and juniper developing into pepper, green angelica and subtle rootiness.

The Finish

Citrus with lingering juniper and pine with the quiet complexity of the supporting cast.

Distilled & Bottled by
West Cork Distillers


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